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ThreadingJig.com is a part of the Chefwarekits business.  We are a small family run business located in the beautiful state of New Hampshire.  We like to keep things simple up here with a focus on loving our country, loving our family and most importantly loving God.  New Hampshire is tax free and our state motto is "Live Free or Die" and soon you will see working with us that we are unique in that we strive to exceed your expectations.  We understand that it is a privilege to have you as a customer....soon to be friend.

The owner, Craig Lapiana, developed a love for woodworking after his return from a command, he held overseas, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF4) back in 2004 in Afghanistan.  Woodworking was a healthy way for him to get back into a "civilian mode" on his return from the war.  

Looking to expand his skills on a woodturning lathe Craig started to create kitchen pieces which attracted a lot of attention.  Soon a demand followed with others asking to also purchase chefware items in the form of a "kit" so they could also create kitchenware pieces which led to the launch of ChefwareKits.com.  A humble beginning with an offering of a few kitchenware kits has grown to a product list of over 175 unique turning kits with materials being imported from all over the world.

We would love to hear from you!  Tell us your story of how you love woodturning!  You can contact us using the Contact Us link below.

We understand we have been blessed to bless others so we take 10% of all the profits produced from ChefwareKits.com and donate it back into orginizations which help accomplish the work of our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you have an interest in reaching Jesus Christ in a personal way please let us know and we will send you some free resources which we know you will enjoy.  We are also confident that you will enjoy these ministries, www.joesphprince.org & www.raystedman.org which we encourage you to visit and sign up for their daily Holy Bible scripture email.


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