Wood Sphere Cutting Pictures

Wood Sphere Cutting Pictures

Posted by in Wood Sphere Cutting Pictures on October 12, 2016 .

Segmented Wooden Spheres

Sell Wooden Spheres at a Craft Fair!! Put them in a bowl and they will GO fast

Simply pop it into the cutter holder on the EZ Sphere jig and you now have the benefits of a carbide cutter and Mike Hunter makes the best cardbide cutters in the woodturning market.

Dick Gerard has created hundreds of colorful unique wooden spheres

Make an Egg and Bed Post Tops with our EZ Sphere Jig

Simply setup the cutter above or below the center line to create unique shapes in wood with our jig.


Dan Burleson makes all types of wooden spheres with an EZ Sphere jig.  All are perfect which can not be done by hand.

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