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EZ Threading COMBO Jig

Create perfect wood threads and with an optional add-on a perfect wooden sphere!

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The only threading jig on the market which allows you to adjust the tolerance fit with the spindle!

Easily add-on availble which allows you to turn the jig into a sphere cutter!

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EZ Sphere COMBO Jig

Create a perfect wooden sphere with an optional add-on create perfect wood threads!

Very easy to setup to turn a perfect wood sphere everytime

Unique design cuts from the top vs from the front

Cuts a wooden sphere from 1in - 10in in diameter

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Wooden Interrupt Threads

Have you ever seen interrupt threads cut in wood before?
It has never been done until we created a special spindle for this feature.

Threaded Finial !!!

Why add a plastic piece of PVC when you can do this?


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